Terms & Conditions

When you make a booking using our online booking system you will receive an automatically generated booking summary, by email, to the email address you provide in the booking form. This does not form a contract between us. A contract shall only arise when we here at Brechfa Forest Barns personally confirm your booking.  We reserve the right to refuse any booking should we choose to do so.

Brechfa Forest Barns: The contract for a short-term holiday rental will be between Brechfa Forest Barns owners (referred to as us or we) and the person making the booking and all members of the holiday party (referred to as, you or your) in the following booking conditions. UK law will govern the contract. The contract of hire is not effective until we have received the deposit. The contract will be subject to these booking conditions and must be complied with. The party leader must be at least 18 years of age at the time of booking and the booking form must list names and ages of your party. 

Payment: Bookings are confirmed on receipt of the non-refundable deposit of 25% of the holiday cost.  Cottages will not be reserved without a deposit payment. The balance of the rental will be due for payment 60 days prior to the holiday commencement date. Non-payment of the balance on the due date shall be construed as a cancellation of the contract by you and we reserve the right to cancel a holiday where payment has not been received 60 days before the commencement date. If the booking is made within 60 days of the holiday start date then the full rental price will be required.

Cancellations & changes by you:  We are unable to allow the personal circumstances of our guests affect our business and do not offer refunds or changes of dates if you find you are unable to take the holiday you have booked, therefore HOLIDAY INSURANCE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  If you are unable to make your holiday please inform us by email immediately so that we can provide you with any written evidence required to enable you to make a claim against your holiday insurance.

Cancellations & changes by us:  We do not expect to have to make any changes to your booking, but sometimes problems occur and bookings have to be changed or cancelled or errors corrected. If this does happen we will contact you as soon as is reasonably practicable, inform you of the situation and refund payments already made.

Arrival & Departure: In order to prepare the cottages between hirers, we ask that you arrive after 4.00pm and leave by 10.00am on your departure date.  Failure to adhere to the above times will result in you being charged a further days rental. You must not use the property except for the purpose of a holiday during the holiday period, and not for any other purpose or longer period. The agreement to stay in the property for the holiday period, does not create the relationship of Landlord and Tenant between the parties. You shall not be entitled to a new tenancy, or to any assured short hold or assured tenancy or any statutory protection under the Housing Act 1988 or other statutory security of tenure now or at the end of the holiday period.

Your obligations: Once your deposit is paid you have entered into a contract with Brechfa Forest Barns and you are bound by our T&Cs and agree to the following:

a) To complete and adhere to the information given on your booking form.  Once your deposit is paid your booking is considered definite and you are bound by our T&Cs.
b) To pay your balance on time.  If your balance is not paid on time you are in breach of contract.  Your holiday will be cancelled and your deposit forfeited.
c) To advise us of immediately of any breakages, losses or damage caused by you to the property or its’ facilities, the cost of which may be deducted from your security deposit.
d) To take all reasonable care of the property and its’ facilities and leave it in a clean and tidy condition at the end of your holiday. You will be responsible for any additional cleaning costs (if incurred) which may be deducted from your security deposit.
e) To inspect the property on arrival and inform us of any problems with the facilities within 12 hours of your arrival.
f) To permit us reasonable access to the property to carry out urgent maintenance.
g) Not to sublet or share the property except with the persons included on the booking form or subsequently included by agreement. The maximum number of persons allowed at the property must not be exceeded. We reserve the right to terminate hire without notice and without refund where this condition is breached.
h) Not to do or omit to do something which may be or become a nuisance to neighbouring holiday accommodation or properties.

Security Deposit:  A £100 security deposit will be added to balance payments, refundable within 7 days of your return providing we have not had to deduct from it in respect of a breach of our Terms & Conditions, any damage, breakages or additional cleaning to the cottage(s), premises or its’ facilities.

Numbers: The number of persons and pets occupying the cottages must not exceed that stated on the Booking Form, unless agreed previously with the owners.

Pets: Well behaved, fully house-trained pets of 4 months of age or more are most welcome but we ask that they not be allowed on or in the beds.  If, however, your dog is normally allowed on the bed and this is a necessity for you, please discuss with the owner prior to booking as it may be possible to arrange this if guests bring their own bedding.  Please bring throws if you allow your dogs on the lounge furniture.  Pets must not be left unattended in the barns at any time unless the owners have been consulted, in advance, and agree. (We offer the services of a dog sitter , subject to availability, if required).  We take pride in our accommodation.  Please clean up after your pets, particularly if they are moulting and when they foul in the garden (a bin is provided for the latter).  Please be aware there are sheep on neighbouring farm land.  Every effort has been made to ensure the fully enclosed gardens we provide are secure, however, we can not be held responsible if your pet(s) escape.  Please ensure pets are on leads when walking to and from your car in the parking area.  All pets must be up to date with flea and tick treatments.  Dogs with contagious conditions such as kennel cough, fleas etc must not, under any circumstances, be brought on the premises for the protection of our own and other guests’ pets.

Your neighbours: Guests are asked to please respect their neighbours (and their dogs).  In the unlikely event of a dispute between guests The Owners cannot be held responsible and politely request guests to resolve matters themselves.

Internet: We provide free WiFi but, in rural Wales, it is not fast and occasionally unreliable and we can not be held responsible for this.

Owner Access: The Owners reserve the right to have access to the barns at all reasonable times, with prior notice if necessary.

Loss or Damage: Brechfa Forest Barns, its employees and its representatives shall not be liable to you or your party for loss or damage to your property howsoever arising. You must take all necessary steps to protect and safeguard your personal property.  The Owners cannot accept responsibility for personal injury, theft or damage to cars, bikes etc.  Driving to/from the property and parking is at the Hirers’ risk.

Cleanliness: The Owners endeavour to maintain high standards of comfort and cleanliness at all times and have a limited time to clean the accommodation in preparation for the next guests.  Therefore the Hirer must undertake to keep all furniture, fittings and effects in the same good condition as they were found.  This includes leaving the oven/fridge/freezer clean and dishes/cutlery clean and put away.  In particular, if your dogs are prone to moulting please make every effort to clear this before vacating the property – a hoover, brush, mop and cleaning products are provided.  If the accommodation is found in a poor state The Owners reserve the right to charge extra for any additional emergency cleaning required and refuse future bookings.

Accidents & Breakages: The Owners ask to be informed of such at the time of the accident or breakage to be able to repair or replace in time for the next booking.  The Owners reserve the right to charge for any non-trivial damage howsoever caused.  Should any damage, breakages or excessive cleaning bill exceed the amount paid for your security deposit you will be invoiced in full and asked to pay by return.  In the event of any dispute regarding this we will take the necessary steps for settlement through the courts, providing photographic evidence as proof.

Keys: The keys to the property will be your responsibility during your stay and any costs incurred through loss, damage, loss of access to the property as a result of lost keys or keys not being returned will be charged to you in full.

Fireworks: Fireworks are not allowed due to pets and the surrounding livestock.

Old Welsh Properties: As with many old Welsh stone properties, ours have an occasional problem with dampness at certain times of year.  The Owners make every possible effort to alleviate this problem but in some cases it cannot be completely resolved.  These properties are not like new houses – when the heating is on high and the warmth hits the cold stone walls it can create condensation.  Please help us by ensuring your cottage is well ventilated at this time – open a window occasionally and ask us for a dehumidifier.

Country Life: Guests who may be unaccustomed to country life may be surprised to find the occasional uninvited wildlife visitor in the barn (so far we’ve only had to politely ask a frog and a bat to leave!)  The Owners endeavour to make sure these are kept away but we can’t always guarantee they won’t turn up even though the property will have been thoroughly cleaned.

Smoking is not permitted under any circumstances inside the properties or BBQ Hut.  If you smoke outside please do not leave cigarette butts on the ground or grass.  Drugs are not permitted anywhere on the premises.  Guests will be asked to leave with immediate effect and without recompense if we believe there has been smoking inside the cottage &/or BBQ Hut &/or if drug taking is found anywhere on site.

Circumstance Beyond Our Control (Force Majeure): If for any reason we have to cancel your booking in advance due to circumstances beyond our control for example fire, flood, exceptional weather conditions, epidemics, destruction/damage to the property (force majeure) you will be refunded the full amount of the booking. If we have to terminate your holiday early for the above reasons you will be refunded part of the booking fee based on the time remaining of the booking. No additional compensation, expenses or costs will be payable.

General: Whilst every effort is made to provide the amenities advertised no liability will fall on the owners should restrictions be applied in the event circumstances outside their control.

Privacy statement
When you book with us we collect your personal data via our booking form as we have a legitimate interest in these details under Article 6(b) of the GDPR 2018 in order to effectively administrate for your holiday. We use your data in order that we can contact you in respect of your holiday and ensure that the cottage is set up for the appropriate number of guests and pets. We are the only people who have access to it. We will not share your data with any third parties and we will not send you marketing emails without your consent which you may retract at any point by emailing bfbarns@gmail.com.  For the purposes of demonstrating to the UK tax authorities the legitimacy of our bookings and income, we will store your data for 7 years and it will be deleted at the beginning of the 8th tax year from your stay with us.